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We are here to help. Learn more about our educational programs and financial services.


Family Stabilization Plan (FSP)

All of our clients start here. Our journey together toward financial wellness begins in the classroom. Then we partner you with a Certified Financial Coach for even more support and assistance.

We apply values-based instruction to personal finances. You’ll learn how to generate savings, avoid debt, build credit, buy a home, protect yourself from predatory lenders and give to create a stronger community.

Upon completion of the Family Stabilization Plan, you’ll be eligible for our financial services, including favorable lending for home loans, closing costs assistance, hardship funds and other financing.

Youth Stabilization Program (YSP)

Build Wealth teaches all family members to support character-building and accomplishments. Our Youth Stabilization Program is directed at primary, secondary and post-secondary students along with adults under 30 years old. Participants learn financial concepts and skills, and how to become ready for college and a career.

You’ll learn the importance of money and how to budget and save earnings. We teach you how to prepare your resume and develop skills for a successful education and career. You’ll learn the dos and don’ts of social media.

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Rent Smart, Wise and Ready (RSWR)

Sometimes renting is a better option than owning a home, especially if you’re in college, or the military or just starting out on your own.

Rent Smart, Wise and Ready prepares you for the tenant relationship with a property owner/landlord, application processes, lease agreements, renting laws and tax certificates. We’ll even help you determine what you can afford to pay in rent each month. Expert facilitators and guest speakers will guide you through an interactive curriculum where you can ask questions in small groups and learn best practices to rent successfully.

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PEEP: Pathways to increase Employment and Earnings Potential

Let us help you discover your career passion and help you increase your earnings. If you’re unemployed or not satisfied with your current job, PEEP can help you achieve your career goals.

PEEP is an employment readiness program designed to help you earn more in a permanent job you enjoy. On average, our PEEP enrollees are earning $20,000 less than they could be.

Studies show you’ll be more successful if you love what do for a living. It’s easier to push yourself when your job is fulfilling. PEEP helps you match a career to your passions.

We’re proud to offer a Certified Financial Opportunity Center that is accredited nationally by the Local Initiative Support Corporation.

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Financial Services

Loans and Support

After you complete the Family Stabilization Plan, Build Wealth can help you find affordable, accessible lending products that enable you to buy and own a home, start a business, rebuild your credit or purchase a vehicle.

We are a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides culturally sensitive, affordable consumer and microenterprise business loans. For homebuyers, we offer affordable first and second residential mortgages paired with down-payment and closing-cost assistance.

Build Wealth Loan offerings:

  1. Impact Down Payment Assistance
  2. Minneapolis Home Down Payment Assistance
  3. Housing Loans for Purchasing or Refinancing
  4. Small Business Loan
  5. Consumer Loan

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Community Services

Housing Development BW Homes

Build Wealth is engaged in developing quality housing and specializes in revitalizing neighborhoods through acquisition, infill development and management of affordable housing.

We also work with public, private and community partners to create new housing and renovate existing homes and apartments. These multi-family and single-family homes and housing developments are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities so families can live comfortable lives; and they exist in rejuvenated neighborhoods where children can attend quality schools.

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  • BW Homes - Quality Affordable Housing by Build Wealth