2024-06-20 16:40:10
Online Courses – Build Wealth Consent Preferences

Online Courses

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Family Stabilization Plan (FSP)

It’s time to start your journey to financial freedom!

In this online curriculum, we apply values-based instruction to personal finances. At your own pace, you’ll learn how to generate savings, avoid debt, build credit, buy a home, protect yourself from predatory lenders and give to create a stronger community.

Upon completion of the online Family Stabilization Plan, you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement to commemorate the investment you have made into your future along with the satisfaction of knowing you now have the knowledge to begin creating generational wealth for your family.

Rent Smart, Wise and Ready (RSWR)

Sometimes renting is a better option than owning a home, especially if you’re in college, the military or just starting out on your own.

Rent Smart, Wise and Ready prepares you for the tenant relationship with a property owner/landlord, application processes, lease agreements, renting laws and tax certificates. We’ll even help you determine what you can afford to pay in rent each month.

Once you have completed the online coursework, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement to acknowledge the time and commitment you have made. This may be of use to you when applying for a lease, to show your future landlord you understand the landlord-tenant relationship and process for renting a property.